Zobair, I and a gift from my country!

Zobair, I and a gift from my country!- Written by Nader Musavi- 28 December 2016

Zobair Hejran, the famous poet and my best friend came to Tehran to participate in the Jalal Literary Festival and was our guest last night. However, it was the first time that I saw Zobair in person but I was aware of his poets and reputation. Since the time we met, it was like we knew each other for many years and that’s probably because our best friend is the same person. 

Zobair is smart and genius; he is from the Kharabat area in Kabul. I am so pleased to have a friend who is intelligent and respects all ethnicities and religious groups and is in love with Persian language. I am so grateful to ‘Nasir Nadim’ who introduced me with Zobair. 

This Chapan (afghan traditional clothes) was sent by Said Reza Mohammadi to one of his friends who lives in Tehran and I wore it for a few seconds without his permission while taking this photo.

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