Zeinab Bayat

Zeinab Bayat with Mohammad Kazem Kazemi (her husband)

Endless Friendships- Written by Zeinab Bayat

After a long day, Narges came home and took out Roshd Magazine from her backpack which she had brought from school. I could hear her ranting under her breath about how she finally graduated from kindergarten to be a school student.

While she was looking at the Magazine’s cover, she screamed in excitement and cried in  a loud voice: “ mummy look”! We both stared at the magazine’s cover, which had a picture of Afghanistan flag. Both surprised, we started skipping through the pages to see whether there was any articles or stories about Afghanistan as well. And yes there it was an article titled “Endless Friendships”. It was all about friendships between Iranian and Afghani kids in a school in Songhorabad village, in Alborz Province. The kids from this school were interviewed as well. They said: “we are very close to each other. Our friendship has helped us improve in many ways; we help each other in studies and support one another inside and outside school. Our friendship is not only limited to school hours. If we happen to stop talking because we had a fight, we don’t make it personal and won’t discriminate over nationality.”

It was obvious that this empathy is a result of educated and wise teachers who work with humanitarian considerations.

This remarkable article was written by Ms. Bahareh Jalalvand. She wrapped it up by a beautiful paragraph titled by Ancestral Mansion: “We are close to each other more than what we think. Just like two siblings who are living in their ancestral mansion at two different sides. At the end of the day, we are all from the same family and we come from the same roots.”

Narges and I looked at each other with satisfaction and we couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks to all the members of Roshd Magazine. What a wonderful job! We were expecting these types of articles from long time ago and it always felt like they are missing from kids’ books and magazines for decades. I’m so happy to see our hard work and empathy has paid off, and our Afghani kids are now shifted from outsiders to be unbounded friends of Iranians.

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