Zahra, I and her dimple

student- zahra- nader musavi

Zahra, I and her dimple!- Written by Nader Musavi- 14 May 2017

Hoveyzeh Park- in front of school.
This cute and studious girl is Zahra. I have always seen Zahra smiling and happy. She’s an energetic and smart girl. All elementary school teachers love her smiles and of course her dimple. Today, while we were taking photos of the class as memento, she took my hand tight and would not let go of my hand, telling me to take a photo together. We took some photos with others and finally took this one when she laughed again and her beautiful dimple showed up. May you always be happy, smiling and hard working, dear Zahra!
I am glad that none of my students have the slightest fear of me, and despite the intimacy which exists, we have always respected each other.

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