With cinematic kids!


With cinematic kids!- 4 February 2018

With the valuable help of a dear friend, today, we were able to take all the students to cinema for free and watch an animated movie- “the Bags” – together. That was interesting especially for children.
But the most enjoyable part for children, was the group-walking from school to cinema. we walked and walked and walked and on our way we were rejoiced, talked and laughed, we also went to the park and took many pictures. All the shopkeepers on the road and people in the park and the passengers at the bus stop  were watching the children and their playfulness. seeing their joy, their cheerful shouts made the people happy.
Unlike all the other schools where emphasize on walking in line when they are going out, I have always told the children, to walk in groups but take care of each other and not to be separated like swallows that all fly together, and whenever they are asked, they should line up immediately. As I’ve experienced that, it increases their joy and happiness.
PS: Of course, most of the children have not got to us yet and these are only the students of first and second grades.
Written by Nader Musavi


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