What the world has dreamt for us!

What the world has dreamt for us!- Written by Nader Musavi- 1 July 2020

I was looking for movies and photos from past years to make a video clip when I found this movie, from Mehr 1389 (September-October 2010), which is the first month of the school year in Iran. We didn’t have a bell to ring at that time, so we used to take a hammer or a crowbar and hit it against a metal pillar we had in the school. For many years, our school used to start with this hammer and crowbar. One day, about 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to go to Tehran Bazaar, where I could buy a bell for the school. It was supposed to be a bell whose sound and shape would be remembered by every single student throughout their whole lives. After browsing Seyed Esmail bazaar for a whole day, I found a suitable bell, which eventually became the famous Friendship bell, and ringing it became a ritual! After years of singing, in Esfand (March) during the early days of the pandemic, the bell was silenced by an unkind thief. It seemed like it had been swiftly strangled; so suddenly that it was as if it had also died of COVID-19. We didn’t get to mourn for it, but we are still here, with our memories and a silent school. With our landlord whispering in our ears to look for a new place, since he’s looking to get a permit to build an apartment block. As the famous singer once told us, we don’t know what the world has dreamt for us. But I hope we can start Mehr in a new place, and with a new bell, as soon as possible.

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