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Former Student, Teacher And Executive Deputy Of Farhang School, And Radio Iran Reporter

To honour a decade of teaching

To Mr. Nader Musavi

About ten years ago, when I was still an amateur and inexperienced in the field of teaching, I started teaching in a school for the very first time. At the time I couldn’t have imagined that I would stay there for such a long time and gain so much success and so many opportunities, due to my teaching role at that school and my cooperation with Mr. Musavi. I understood education very differently before that. Studying in public schools for twelve years made me think reading was only reading my textbooks and writing was only doing my homework. During the past ten years when I worked with Mr. Musavi, he taught me to read and write in a new way. I learned to read people’s minds and write on their heart.

I realized a teacher who doesn’t have insight into students’ hearts and souls would never be a true teacher. Within this ten-year period I learned how to teach more effectively, and I learned more and more every day. It felt as if I grew to be an adult once again, but this time it was all about seeing better, listening more, and understanding people. I learned joyful and sensible teaching methods from Mr. Musavi, and taught my students in a way I had never experienced myself throughout my days as a student. I learned to think and to be creative, to spread happiness, and kill jealousy in myself. Mr. Musavi also taught me to be patient, to be modest, and to act out of selflessness and altruism. I realized empowerment won’t be achieved except with hard work and practice; and I learned that being righteous, fair and respectful are values that last more than anything else. I have no doubt that when a man has a great goal in life and works towards it; the whole universe cooperates to help him achieve his goal. Mr Musavi is no exception to that. When I saw his name today on the list of nominees for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, I thought about all the times he tried to create a dream for a migrant teacher or a student. However, this opportunity is only a part of his achievements throughout all these years; he has been trying to ease migrant kids’ lives and organize their minds during their hardest times so that they can think about building a brighter future. As a teacher to little kids, and as a student of Mr. Musavi, I would like to congratulate him and any teacher like him for their great work and achievements. I wish him and his co-workers success and prosperity.

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