They stole it!

They stole it!- Written by Nader Musavi-  2020-02-20

Around noon we went to school to bring the dates to the unit one and prepare it to distribute among the students’ families. As we opened the door and walked in, Mr. Norouzi said: “Water faucets are gone!”  I looked at the drinking fountain in surprise and said, “Oh, those are stolen, again by the thieves.” I went inside the classrooms and checked the heaters, fortunately the heaters were still there, and the office was still locked. I was relieved a little bit. At the same time, Afsaneh, Guli, and Shahrbanoo arrived to pick up some other equipment. When they saw our upset faces, they asked, “What’s happened?” While explaining about the school robbery suddenly I noticed the absence of school bell.

It made me very upset, I was really shocked and had a headache. In those few moments, I remembered all my memories with that bell over the years and said, “what a pity that our beautiful bell is stolen.” Afsaneh began crying because she was very upset. Guli was one of our students before, and this bell was reminiscent of sweet memories and happy moments for her. she said with a sigh: “Curse them, how could they steal the bell, I really loved its sound.” Shahrbanoo also asked sadly, “what is the use of this bell for them?” After some sighing and regretting and blaming myself, I went to Unit One to make the necessary arrangements for installing fences on the school walls and calling for a truck.

When I returned, dear Hossein Norouzi had also come to school. He had acquired some sanitizer gel for the students. When he saw our sad face, he comforted us and said be more careful that they might come back. I said jokingly: Dear Hossein, when I realized that the bell has been stolen, I was so shocked that the place of penicillin injection that I had thirty years ago hurt again! (I do not know why every time I am shocked or very cold, it hurts again, the place of the ampoules that I had injected in the past!). Since I assumed they might come back to steal heavier items, we took all the heaters, computer and some other equipment to a safer place and then we went to buy a fence for the other side of the yard, where we did not expect that the thief could come from there. Amidst the commotion, I was very relieved to hear the voice of the dove, who had built a nest in his new wooden house and was sleeping there peacefully; It was as if he was saying, “Be hopeful, buddy, this too shall pass.”


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