These Days

These Days- Written by Nader Musavi- 8 September 2020

We started registration for the new (academic) year on Saturday. During these days we were faced with families who have come here for the first time; or who have arrived in Iran during the last year or two; or whose child has reached school age; and/or who have missed last year’s census. A family with four studious and polite girls came here on Saturday. Their mother, who was young, said “We had a hard time there. I was twelve when I married. My husband was a labourer for the city and was killed in a suicide bombing a few years ago, in front of the Parliament in Kabul. I was left with seven daughters. We sold everything we had and borrowed some money to come to Iran so that perhaps my daughters could get an education; and I would provide for them.” The girls are a year apart; as my dear mother would say “from weaning one to nursing another one”. Another family came with three students: a girl and two boys. Their father had died too, and their mother worked in other people’s homes to provide for them. I am at the school for a couple of hours every day and I listen to the stories of these families as they register.

Their life stories, and their journeys to Iran and their current life, are full of adventure, hard work, and pain. We registered every student who came here, since this is their last hope, as not being here would mean staying at home and the destruction of their dreams… and denying them the only place in which they can be a little happy and experience being a child. Most of the time, at first, I see worry and anxiety in children’s faces. For what if they are not accepted because of their older age, residency issues, expenses or other problems? Knowing this, I put them at ease right away and tell them that no matter what, you will be registered and can go to school. Considering the current situation and past years’ experience, it is expected that the number of children this year will be 250 to 300 students. Students who do not have many financial resources and do not have access to smart phones and the Internet, but you can see the enthusiasm for school and learning in the eyes of every one of them.


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