Theater therapy

Theater therapy- Written by Nader Musavi- 12/07/19

The first session of our theatre workshop was held today under the supervision of Mr. Ali Mansouri. The children had attended with much passion and joy!
During the time between 13:00 to 19:30, four groups of 15-20 kids were trained. I also sat with them for half and hour. It was a dynamic class full of enjoyment, and Mr. Mansouri was training the children with loads of energy and skills. I saw the children’s happiness and I saw that along the training and with the help of basic, but fun toys, these kids are also learning how to listen more carefully and speak to one another, be patient, and how to control their words and actions; lessons that are our modern world needs the most and that can pave way towards ending global grudges, hatred and war.

Mr. Mansouri
Special thanks to Mr. Mansouri for spending one week to teach the school’s students and also to Mr. Hosein Norouzi for opening the school’s doors to many of our artist friends who are concerned for the children’s future and education.











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