The World Revolves Around Love

The World Revolves Around Love

11 September 2020 (21 Virgo/Shahrivar 1399)

A kind and decent friend of ours had sent thirty food packages for the kids, which my colleague, Mr Ahmadi and I, distributed today. At the end, it was a matter of “what to eat?!” when the door opened and one of our colleague’s sisters brought two plates of Qeymeh (split pea stew). She told us she had brought the food because she knew we didn’t have lunch! In the middle of eating, I was still so hungry and excited that my hand accidentally hit the dish and the remaining food tumbled onto the floor. I thought half the food was probably destined to be eaten by the school’s collared doves and sparrows, so I left it the way it was because I knew that a few minutes after we left, the birds would joyfully come down to feast on the leftovers in the schoolyard. I have seen this happen many times in past years. Some of the beautiful memories I recall are the times when the class bell would ring, and the children would go back to their classrooms; then you could see ten to fifteen birds flocking down merrily to quickly pluck the remains of the snacks that the kids had left in the playground. It was as if after the students’ recess, it was break time for the birds.

Now I am sure that the birds have finished picking up all the grains of rice, wiped their mouths and beaks clean, and are very grateful that I too had spilled my plate! I too am grateful to my generous friends that brought the packages of food, and with them, brought joy to the families, their children, and of course, the school’s birds! My dear friends, may you be happy and well, and may your kindness remain forever.


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