The Symphony of Love 💞🎶🎸🎺

January 1st, 2020- Today, all the kids were invited to be the guests of the Iranian National Children’s symphony in the Vahdat Hall in Tehran. They played for the children for about an hour with exceptional skill & beauty. Featuring music such as “Grandma’s House” (Khuneh-ye Madarbozorge in Persian), “Mr. Hekayati” (Agha-ye Hekayati in Persian), a special piece of music for boys and one for girls, “Pink Panther” (Palang-e Surati in Persian) and a number of other pieces of music. In the midst of the performances, the orchestra conductor introduces the various musical instruments to the kids in a kind and charming tone. A short performance was then done using each different instrument so that a mental image of that instrument and its music would remain etched in the children’s minds. The children were mesmerized by hearing and seeing all the instruments and the orchestra in action; a rather unique and once in a lifetime experience. Undoubtedly, seeing all these instruments and hearing their music will spark many ideas and inspirations in the minds, hearts, and souls of the children and will make many of them keen towards music. This claim is apparent as many of the children were pretending to play musical instruments with their hands in harmony with the orchestra and on the way out of the hall and on the bus, they were all talking musical instruments and the orchestra. I hope that we will soon be able to start music classes for the children and provide or even make some simpler & more basic instruments. We would also like to sincerely thank the orchestra and the respectable management of the Vahdat Hall who made it possible to create this enhancing, memorable, and invaluable experience for the children. A special thanks also goes to all our dear colleagues; especially our volunteer colleagues who accompanied the children on this day.

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