The storytelling event

The storytelling event- Written by Nader Musavi- 15 February 2017

Yesterday three international storytellers from Kanoon-e Parvaresh Fekri koodakan (Center for children’s Intellectual Development) came to our school & told stories to the students. One of the storytellers was Ms Napelos from Koba. She played guitar at the end & the students enjoyed it very much. A happy & energetic old lady who was even more active than the youth, at the end of the story she played such a song with her guitar that made everyone dance!
It was a good day, the first storytelling experience for my students. Also Lady Reyhane & her athlete friend Lady Torabi both from afghanistan were there. They promised to hold athletics, biking & Mountaineering courses here as well as they had done it before for Bamyan girls.
Thanks to dear Ms. Tahmineh Haddadi who has always cared about our school & students for arranging this event.
This picture was taken at the end of our storytelling event together with Ms Napelos, Lady Reyhane & our first graders.



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