The story of our motto!

The story of our motto!- Written by Nader Musavi- 20 Jul 2017

Yard of the department No 1. I wrote the idea for this painting in the first years of my work. when I was on my way to Bandar Abbas, in my notebook. When I got back I asked the talented artist Mr. Ali Momeni to turn them into paintings. On the walls, in Nowruz couriers magazine, etc. This one is still here, on the wall of school. “A prosperous Afghanistan with happy educated children”; A clause which has become our motto and vision for 18 years. I tried to respect the equality between all women and men who has a role in developing the country. Although it is very difficult, but we do our best to achieve that goal and I hope to get to it in this century or another century when I think it is early and good.

P.S.: I was in the yard outside the teacher training class when my eyes fell on this painting and the moto and I wrote this text.

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