The prophet used to greet the children, first

The prophet used to greet the children, first- Written by Guli Qasemi (former student of Farhang school)- 18 May 2021

At first I thought he was probably overslept and did not wash his hands and face properly. Or he might come earlier than the others and play in the park near the school and then forget to wash his hands.
No. Probably his hands got dirty yesterday when he was repairing his bicycle. Or maybe…

The more I thought, the more familiar the black stains got. I had seen them on a few people’s hands. Stains that were not there because of laziness and not washing the hands, nor from repairing bicycles and children’s games. The black stains were just a few drops of glue that they liked to stay on Muhammad’s hands and come to school with him instead of sticking parts of shoes.

I wish the world was different and kinder to the Muhammads around me. Mohammad, who now is the time for him to play, read books and learn to read and write, has to work in a shoe factory to make some money and something to eat to survive.
With all these problems, I am happy that Muhammad can study and hope for the future.

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