The Packages

The Packages- 8 April 2020- Written by Nader Musavi

I was walking down the pedestrian bridge when I saw this mother and her child walking home happily. When I saw the bottle of liquid hand soap in the little girl’s hands and a bag on her mother’s shoulder, I guessed that the little girl was one of our students, and that they were returning from the school library. When I got to the library, I opened the door and saw that Mr Norouzi was delivering another package to a family. I was in school for two or three hours. About ten other families came and received their packages. I also saw some of the students who came with their mothers; Somayeh, Gholamreza, Elena, etc. I asked one or two of them “Please take off your mask for a moment and let me see your face properly”. They smiled and took off their masks. Their smiles made me happy. Yesterday, we delivered the food and hygiene packages for 15 families who are living further away from the school. A few families whose homes were closer came and collected their packages today. During the last two or three days, the packages were distributed to thirty families where the mother is the breadwinner and needs support. Maybe these packages can help these families to meet their needs for a week, or even ten days. Most of these families are families where either the children, or the mother works. They used to work cleaning other people’s houses, or as pedlars, or in sewing workshops, but unfortunately all of them lost their jobs two or three weeks before Nowruz (new year). They have called me many times and sometimes told me tearfully about their hard times; although I already know all their stories. Thank you for helping to open a window of light and hope for these families in these difficult and dark days, and for not leaving them alone.

Although I took these photos when they were leaving, they smiled with gratitude, satisfaction and joy when they received the packages. I offer those smiles to you my friends who helped us and lit a light of kindness. I hope you will always be healthy, happy and prosperous.

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