The packages of kindness

The packages of kindness (Stationary packages)- Written by Nader Musavi- 12 March 2016

Yesterday, an honourable and newly acquainted friend had packed 51 stationeries beautifully with great enthusiasm and brought them to primary school from a long distance. He said that he would like to accompany other friends in celebrating the new year for students and to see their happiness up close and tell them to appreciate the value of knowledge and literacy. We went to several classes together. He told the children about the hardships of immigration and the roots of war in the country which is illiteracy and ignorance and encouraged them to learn more and not be satisfied with only the school books.

We talked for an hour, I found out that he is a self-raised man who, despite many difficulties and having a full-time job, has not neglected his education, he reads a lot of books and has learnt English and computer to a high level, hoping that one day he will return to his homeland and to be more useful.

May you always be prosperous, and benevolent my new friend!

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