The night of the creative writing


The night of the creative writing- Written by Nader Musavi- 2020-01-26

Last night was the “Night of Creative Writing Experiences” for children, which was held at the House of Humanities Scientists with the efforts and perseverance of Mr. Ali Dehbashi and Bukhara Magazine. A night full of beauty with the children and their pleasant writings. Each child reads his/her writing, and the program’s expert group, which were themselves well-known and prolific writers in the field of children, gave a brief overview of the writings, and an award was presented to each of them. Although the students of our school were not present there, fortunately, it is several years that we have been working on the children’s writing in various forms at school, such as writing letters, storytelling and memoirs from the first grade, so that the fear of writing is faded in the children. And the passion for writing has awakened in them.



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