The naughtiest one

The naughtiest one- Written by Nader Musavi- 18 May 2017

These children are all from Ghorbani family, the cute and smart students in our school over the past years, each of whom has now become a lady or a gentleman for themselves. In the last days of the fair, they came to visit the pavilion of Afghan children’s house. They stayed there for half an hour and blew the place up with making noise and laughter. The lady in the middle who was the naughtiest student as a child is now a sales person of computer and educational tools and is very professional in her job. I did not remember much about them, but they all remembered me well, and they also shared memories and stories from the school time, While being in the pavilion. May you all be prosperous and successful. I took this picture with their permission and I was glad to see them remembering much about the old school and its sweet memories.


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