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Reza AdibThe Messenger/prophet of Love

God’s blessings are many and it surpasses human ability to thank him adequately for them all. There can be no doubt that one of these blessings, more beautiful than the leaves on the trees, is to have good friends. When you love friends from the bottom of your heart, it matters not whether they are near or far, you wish the best for them in all things. But even among these friends, there are some who are more than just dear to you. Everything about them, their personality, their thoughts, their good deeds, their whole way of being, makes you proud just to know them. One of these friends who is so dear to me, is Nader Musavi, may God bless him!

His work is like that of a messenger/prophet: he sows seeds of love in peoples’ hearts and harvests affection; he gives them the gift of happiness and reaps their music and song. This year is the 17th year since he opened wide the doors of love to Afghan refugee children denied an education in Iran. For according to Iranians, only Iranian children are worthy of education; Afghan children are fit only for manual labor. Over the last 17 years, the work of Musavi and his colleagues has made the dream of a real education for Afghan children a reality. Afghan refugee families in Iran know well the difficulty non-Iranians face in getting a good education. But Musavi is one of the rare geniuses of our time who laughs in the face of difficulties and battles them until they are utterly defeated.

The standard of education in his school is not below Iranian standards, quite the reverse; for Musavi’s hard work and innovation have made his school one of the very best. Unlike the Afghan students in Iranian schools who have no awareness of the situation in their homeland, Musavi’s students are fully versed in their heritage and current events in Afghanistan. Many of the students graduating from his school have themselves gone on to become teachers, carrying the torch of education to the next generation of young Afghans.

I was fortunate to be the guest of Musavi in Tehran for a few days and was able to witness his achievements as an educator and innovator first hand. Since then I have been able to follow his activities and see all his hard work through social media. Truth be told, I sometimes look on him with envy, for he is among the very best of our age and I am proud to call him a good friend of mine. I must share with you though, that there is one teaching task Musavi has failed in. He owns a parrot called Ghazal, and try as he might, he cannot teach that parrot to speak. The only response he gets to even his most heartfelt questions is “Caw Caw!” Oh Lord, wherever our dear Musavi may be, keep him in good health and grant him a long and happy life.

Reza Adeeb

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