The Library!

Books have always lent a hand to our yearning souls, and children are no exception!- 11/26/19

The librarian writes only the return date and the book’s title in the borrowing cards. Kids browse the books themselves and choose what they like. A colleague once said they may take whatever there is. “let them take” I said. Maybe one even loved a book and didn’t return it. You can’t hinder the kids’ joy to surf all these books just for one possible student. When students personally looks for a book, this makes them familiar with some other books too, encouraging them to read even more. Let them touch the books, browse the shelves, look at the pictures and enjoy!

These are all part of reading a book.

P.s. the “Aaaa” song is from Fateme, 3 year old Adorble daughter of a colleague of mine, who had visited the school after a long time.

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