The library of children’s house

Book reading class of primary school students

14-1-26- After many endeavors, the school library was officially opened. The person in charge of the library was Ms. Mohammadi, a hardworking and dedicated colleague. Although it has been open since the start of the school year (allowing students to borrow books) as of today it’s being managed with better discipline and structure. The students joyously browsed through the bookshelves and picked their favorites. With the help of a few of our good friends, “Panjereh” publication, and “yaade-yaare-mehrabaan” exhibition, the library was filled with a good variety of interesting titles. Our library is still missing a television and we would need donations to purchase it. We are soon going to ask for the help of our friends in the virtual and real-world and we will see whether they can donate more. 

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