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A letter to mommy- 6 April 2017

Letter writing is one of the educational plans that I’ve added to the curriculum since three years ago in order to enhance the writing skills and creativity of the students. These letters can be written to any one such as classmates, headmaster, teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors or even to their Iranian friends. First of all, the students write down letters to the intended recipients and check the content with the teacher, then letters must be delivered to the recipients who are asked to write something back if it’s suitable. Now any student who is inclined can read the letter and its reply for other students. An example of such correspondence is Sina’s letter to his mother and his mother’s reply which is mentioned below.
Luckily in most cases we can see it clearly that students learn how to express their Purposes, Concerns, Sorrows and hopes successfully. Many times we’ve seen and heard that during a Controversy all the conversation consists of few number of words and sentences including bad words, Profanity and Insulting, each of which leads to physical contact maybe Criminal violence’s or even worse. It is simple to conclude that the same destructive encounters happen as a result of the lack of training the primary basic skills at home and school.
If we want to reduce the conflicts we must learn the proper way for talking, Expressing opinions and constructive criticising during our childhoods. Otherwise we will see people struggling and insulting each other everywhere from the Parliament and Ministry to the mosques and live TV shows. It is critical to extend the “intervals” between starting an argument and turning it into a real fight using logical argumentations. the more Civilized a community is, The longest intervals we see.

Written by Nader Musavi


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