The Friendship Tree

The Friendship Tree- Written by Nader Musavi- 2018-09-03

Of all the orange seeds that the students planted in their old shoes before Nowruz for the Haft-Sin tablecloth, only this shoe is remained. I do not know that this shoe belongs to which one of the students. I brought it home and put it next to the other pots. It grows very slowly and it takes a lot of patience to see its growth, Like educating students, which requires a lot of calmness, patience, and hope. Children’s education also occurs slowly but steadily. The teacher must be very hopeful and patient. To get a simple diploma which is very common these days, a child must pass twelve years of continuous education. Assuming these trainings are standard, up-to-date and humane. Orange seedlings are getting bigger day by day. I should move them to a bigger pot soon.  I hope that these seeds, which were planted by students, will become trees one day, a day that peace and friendship is brought back to our homeland. And I hope that these children who are the most helpless and the biggest victims of the war, can live in peace, Study, be happy and play, fall in love and be loved. and that day we will happily pick oranges from the branches of the trees grow from these seedlings.


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