The friendship fried egg

Scrambled eggs with friends- Written by Nader Musavi- 12-02-18

Weeks ago in the morning event, we made a pact with kids that we will cook scrambled eggs in the park which is near the school. This idea was in my mind for two or three years but I never have done it. Finally last Sunday when the weather got somehow better we went to the park with all the students. Every student brought an egg and wrote his/her name on it. At first, we wanted to cook the eggs on fire but it took time so we brought a picnic gas stove and cook the eggs for each class separately in a big frying pan. Everyone came and scrambled his eggs in the pan with his classmates and teachers. A good day was made for the kids. They were happy and jubilant. The best part of it was scrambling the eggs in the frying pan. It was exhilarating to see excited yet fearful of spilling the egg over faces. At the end we split the eggs between all the students so they could sip the cuisine of the meal which they themselves cooked and their friendship bond would become stronger and permanent.

Hope for more scrambled eggs with each other!

Fried egg

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