The friendship fried egg

The friendship fried egg- Written by Nader Musavi- 2 December 2018

One of the good parts of cooking friendship fried egg is when breaking eggs. Most young children had never broken an egg, and when they did, they scared the egg into the edge of the frying pan or wooden spatula, which I was holding. Years ago, as a child, one day when my late father was cooking eggs, I was standing next to him. When he wanted to break the egg, he saw that there was nothing else in his hand, so he broke it with my head.  Then he poured it in the pan. First, I was scared. Then we laughed a lot.  I remembered that memory as one of the best memories I had of my father while cooking a friendship fried egg.  Everyone laughed and got excited when I told someone to come and beat the egg on his head, and several people raised their hands.  Finally, I broke the egg with the head of one of the first graders, then, in order to retaliate, when he wanted to break his egg, I said, “Now it’s your turn that he did not cowardice, and you hit him so hard that he threw more egg whites on my head!”


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