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The Best Days and the Best Activities


Nader MusaviOn my school vacations, I always had to read books, from “Fox and the Wolf” to “Twenty Miles Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. Not only did I have to read the books, but I had to write down all the words I didn’t understand, note the book title and page number, and then memorize the meanings. If I didn’t know a word from the book I read and didn’t note it and learn the meaning, I was in big trouble.

Those days, I always envied the kids who could stay outside all day, tell each other jokes, and play ball.

One day I told my mother, “When I grow up and have a son, I will let him go outside and play with other kids for as long as he wants during school vacation.”

When my mother told my father about it he said, “Nader doesn’t know what he is doing now, when he grows up he will realize that he was spending his time doing the most important thing in his life.”

Now that years passed from the time I was a child, it bothers me that my father didn’t make me read books during the school year, or that he didn’t take me to the city’s big library in Bander Abbas so I could get even more books, or that he didn’t take me to a book gallery…

I now realize that those days of my childhood truly were the best days of my life, and as my father said, I was doing the most important thing in my life.

Nader Musavi Childhood

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