The devotee of culture

The devotee of culture- Written by Nader Musavi- 16 September 2018

A while ago, I had the honor of meeting one of the greatest contemporary men, an educated, diligent and influential man in the field of Persian culture and literature, Mr. “Ali Dehbashi”. The meeting took place thanks to the efforts of our beloved artist, Ms.  Kouhestani, who arranged it. Our appointment was scheduled for 7 o’clock in the morning, at his house, which is also the office of the Bukhara Magazine. I took with me a number of books from Tak Publications along with a volume of the monthly magazine as a gift for him. Breakfast was served and we talked for about two hours. Mr. Dehbashi described the commemoration programs of Afghan persian literature & writers, the memorial ceremony of Rahnavard Zaryab and Seyyed Reza Mohammadi in addition to a variety of his other works. Although he has been suffering from respiratory problems for a long time, he is still working hard on an accurate work plan and he is motivated in a way that his love and interest in his work can be easily seen in his eyes and words. I told him about school activities and publishing magazines and books; however, he himself was already familiar with many of these. There is no doubt that it is because of the kindness and consideration of the lady Kouhestani to our group. He also talked about some details about activities in Bukhara magazine and some hardships that he sometimes has to deal with alone.

Truly, Bukhara Magazine will remain in minds as one of the most prolific publications of the Persian culture and literature, and it has played a very important role in introducing the ideas of the elites in this field. It has been published continuously for more than 20 years and owes it to Mr. Dehbashi. His home and work office was so amazing for me. There were colorful vases of flowers every where in the yard, And inside the building, there were books all over the hallway to the kitchen entrance, I mean they had placed books anywhere possible. In a way that the Great Hall of the House was divided into some kind of alleys by the books were placed in it, and to cross the hall we had to pass through these book alleys. I saw there were statues, paintings, handicrafts and more interestingly, a number of owls in different colors and shapes among the books placed in the shelves. When I asked about those owls in the book shelves, he gave me a CD of his own documentary and said you will find the answer here!

At the end of the meeting, he told me: “Dear Nader, we are devotees of culture! and we must work hard and strive tirelessly for the rich language and culture of the vast persian territories, without any expectations or rewards. As I was leaving there, I came across a Calligraphy board of a sentence from Master Mojtaba Minavi, the well-known Persian professor : “If I had served the civilization and culture of Iran as much as the weight of a mosquito, I have not spent my life in vain.” I wish good health and long blessed life for you dear Professor Dehbashi, The devoted man to the culture and literature of the vast Persian territory. 


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