The death of Mahmoud Oshas and other stories

Story Collection by Najibullah Torvayana Published in 2020

The Death of Mahmoud Oshas and Other Stories (Story Collection)
Najibullah Torvayana
First Edition: Spring 2020

You read part of the story:
The moonlight shines through the cracks of the walls of the riches’ palace and the poors’ hut and illuminates their dark corners. He also lit up the dark corners of the people’s heart. But that depressed body calmed thousands of passionate hearts and extinguished thousands of flames of rebellious desires.
On that day, life was sacrificed at the foot of death, beauty was exposed to the glory, sonance was sacrificed in the court of silence and light in the dark corner.
Oshas was abducted from Kapisa and the people of Kapisa and hid in the shadow of the Sumac Buddha in the darkness of the abbey. The free and tuneful bird were tied to the heavy, black nest of Buddhist pious people.

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