The Book

The Book- Written by Guli Qasemi (former student of Farhang school)- 22 October 2020

It’s been forty years. Afghan Children are still born in war. Children who never played a role not in starting it nor in its progress, but they have always been its main victims.
Some of them are happy and have survived the war, but there are still some of them who are the victims, the victims of Adults’ wrong decisions and policies.
Here, children are used as a leverage to put their families under the pressure. So they deprived children of their rights, didn’t let them to go to school and study, exercise and even have books, in order to make their families return to the place they fled. Unfortunately, they do not know what living in war means, they do not know what it means to sleep with open eyes. They do not know who Taliban is and how ISIS decapitate. They should know that people who have given up all their lives and run away will never return to the hell where Taliban and ISIS created for them just because of their children can’t go to school and have books here.
Since none of the self-governing schools have been given the textbooks this year, we had to use second-hand books. We asked the children to bring their previous year’s books to school. we gave their books and some new books left over from last year to this year’s children. While sorting the books, we noticed this second elementary Persian book. A book with no name and the love for Afghanistan. The student had drawn the Afghan flag with color pencils and had written the name of the book with a beautiful handwriting.
Although I was upset and nagging all day, but seeing this book made me hopeful. I said to myself that the new generation is stronger than being disappointed by not having a book and not going to governmental schools. They will fight and run until they finally get where they deserve. I am glad that the children still love Afghanistan and hope for peace.



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