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18th Issue

After a year of school management experience and at the beginning of the second year, the need for a magazine that could be published in shorter periods for refugee children was felt. Gol-e Sorkh Magazine was published once a year for the Nowruz holidays, and the «Afghanistanology» competition did not have the diversity of a magazine. On the other hand, in Iran, more than thirty various magazines were published for children and adolescents, but refugee children did not have any magazines for themselves. In a survey of students and their teachers, most children expressed an interest in having their own
magazine. The results of this survey and the experience of one year of working for refugee children led us to publish the first special magazine for Afghan refugee children in iran, close to the standard of magazines on the market, with the cooperation of a group of colleagues and students. In Taravat Magazine, all the efforts of the group were focused to encourage children to the peace & friendship, reading books, teaching them storytelling, getting acquainted with Afghanistan, being friends with nature and the land, respecting other races and religions and knowing them better, & encouraging them to learn science and scientific contents and of course fun. This magazine had been published for four years in a circulation of 3,000 copies.

The First Talk (Editor’s note in an issue of the magazine):
The Best Days and the Best Activities!
Written in: 19 October 2005 /Nader Musavi
On my school vacations, I always had to read books, from the “Fox and the Wolf” to “Twenty Miles Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. Not only did I have to read the books, but I had to write down all the words I didn’t understand, note the book title and page number, and then memorize the meanings. If I didn’t know a word from the book I read and didn’t note it and learn the meaning, I was in big trouble. Those days, I always envied the kids who could stay outside all day, tell each other will let him go outside and play with other kids for as long as he wants during school vacation.”
When my mother told my father about it he said, “Nader doesn’t know what is he doing now, when he grows up he will realize that he was spending his time doing the most important thing in his life.”
Now that years passed from the time I was a child, it bothers me that why father didn’t make me read books during the school year, or that he didn’t take me to the city’s big library in Bander Abbas so I could get even more books, or that he didn’t take me to a book gallery… I now realize that those days of my childhood truly were the best days of my life, and as my father said, I was doing the most important
thing in my life.

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