Stone- Written by Nader Musavi- April 2010

Ten years ago (April 2010). Days like these, The graduation celebration. Fortunately, most of these students have left Iran and have degrees and identities of their own; they are busy with school, work, and life… but I remain, like a piece of stone on the side of this old river. That metaphor has been taken from a poem by my respected friend Seyed Zia Ghasemi, which the lovely artist, Mr Aref Jaffari, turned into a song.

Old River

Every day I come to this old river

With a jug so I can hear songs from the water

I divide my thirst among the fish

I pour my anxiety into the river

This river, it renews my memories

I remember fondly, the bitterness of that day, that early morning

Rain has started and you were coming with the umbrella

The red roses had blossomed for your coming

Above your head, dancing in the air

Were my love’s little sparrows

The amorous sparrows, and oh I wish, the sky

Would open a window from behind the clouds

Now you’re gone beyond the sky

I have stayed like a rock by this dark riverbank

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