Standing with hope

nader Musavi- library

Standing with hope- Written by Nader Musavi- 5 December 2017

After a few missed appointments I have been honoured to meet with Dr. Hakimi today. He rang in the morning and was here after one hour. He brought a few bags full of books for children and the library. He said I have lots of books and I like to donate some of them to the children. He told me he has mobility difficulties over the phone but I realised he can’t walk at all when I met him. He had two walking sticks and used them for the 30 minutes while he was here and we had a standing chat. He had a good sense of humour. He said he was a welder and has injured his spine two years ago and now he can’t walk. He explained about how he felt and what happened that day. He is now using the walking sticks and trying to move his legs by stretching. I asked how he found us? He said he saw our stall in book-fair last year. I really wanted to come and see you in person and give you the books. He was very positive and hopeful despite all his difficulties and made us all laugh during his stay and told us about his poems and stories he has written. He said he would like to visit us again and offered help. I admire his positivity and hop-fulness. I accepted the books and I wished him well and told him I am hoping to see you walking next time you are here then we can take another picture. He laughed and he said he will do his best and he will never give up!

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