Sprouts of Hope

Sprouts of Hope- Written by Nader Musavi- 2018-08-18

Today started with visiting one of my best students over the years of my work. Somayeh Anwari. Somayeh and Arman were my students about eight years ago. Both of them were polite and studious. I do not remember exactly about Somayeh, But Arman wrote essays very well. They both attended our school until the fourth grade. Somayeh is in her final year of high school and is already preparing for her university entrance exam. She wants to be a dentist. When I took a look at her transcripts of the previous years, she had many 20 mark ls (the topes’ mark) and she herself was an excellent student. She still had her fourth grade transcript and her letter of appreciation, with my signature on it.
Today she came with his father to visit me and her old school. His father is an enlightened man who has suffered a lot, he was once a teacher in Afghanistan. He has four bullet scars in his body, which shows the cruelty of the people who once took Kabul in the name of Mujahid.
I was so happy and admired Somayeh. I told her that it is really great that you have not left the school despite all the hardships of your time and you have studied with the best grades so far, you are the pride of yourself and all of us. If today some petrified people in Kabul or anywhere else prevent the education of girls like you by killing them, They are afraid of your knowledge and wisdom because the only way to save our homeland from the bondage of prejudice and ignorance and superstition is through the knowledge and wisdom of girls like you.And in the end, I jokingly said to Somayeh: Dear Somayeh, I hope one day you will become a good dentist so that I can come to your office and you make a denture for me!
She laughed and said, “I also pray that your teeth will be always healthy and you never need a dentist.”




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