Spring of Kabul

Poetry Collection By Usef Ayine Published in 2020

Kabul spring

I bring the hadith of the heart in the language of an angel
I write words in the water of the flame

Ayineh is one of the pioneers of modern poetry in Afghanistan. Some have called him the first Nimai poet of Afghanistan. He was born in 1921 in Kabul. His father’s name was Yaqub. Originally from Kandahar.
He studied at Nejat High School. He left school before finishing high school, but never gave up on learning. He learned German and English and translated the works of Goethe, the Norwegian Thomas Hamson, Turgenev, and others, and published them in Kabul Magazine.
The Spring of Kabul is in fact an excerpt from the works of Yousef Ayineh.

Heart sale
Hair Slipping on the shoulder
The color of the night falls on the crystal
The wire peaks on the pick
And vibrates with warm melodies
The birds’ clamour like bells in the dusk
brings the awakening sound
Half asleep those two charming eyes
Are looking for the heart again
I washed her hands and feet with tears
The picks echoed the tunes
Love and drunkenness and passion
Rise From the floor to the ceiling of the porch
Needful kisses
I gave those charming lips and eyes
She closed her eyes and said “Ayineh”!
Selling heart is not easy.

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