“Soraya” program from the TV channel 1


“Soraya” program from the TV channel 1- Written by Nader Musavi- 19 December 2017

Today, they came from The TV channel 1, the “Soraya” program to school, for an interview and making a program about the challenges of educating immigrants in Iran.
Tomorrow night at 23:00, when half of the people are deeply asleep and snoring, it will televised on the TV channel 1.
There was a lot to say about the challenges in both sides but it was the best to take the middle course. Or, as quoting Mr. Abolghasem Halat, the great Persian satirist poet:
The rupture cannot be explicitly revealed;
Sarcastically, we should talk about the way of mending. (The problem is so embarrassing to say, so I can only beat around the bush!)



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