Roshana Jahangirfam

English language expert, journalist instructor and active in the field of child education, former volunteer colleagues

Some people are noble

When you sit with them and listen to them, you are reminded that there are still noble people in this world. And maybe it is the hope of meeting these people that has brought you a thousand kilometers from home. Nader Musavi is one of those noble people. One hour of meeting him is worth a lifetime. He is the principal of a self-governing school for Afghan children in the south of Tehran. He founded this school 16 years ago. Although he faced challenges and disruptions ceaselessly, he did not despair, and he is very much motivated to continue his endeavor. He holds a master’s degree in sociology, but his great gift is his understanding of psychology. He speaks about his school, the teachers, and his students. He talks about his effort to make a happier world wherein the children are well-educated. He strives to educate the students on human values, before educating them in sciences. He desires to eliminate the word “violence” from the lexicon of Afghan children. He wishes to relieve all the shortages of Afghan children in the school. He improves the confidence of the children, helps them become successful in society, and he does not complain, neither from the people nor from the authorities.  The ocean of his heart is so vast, that if someone throws a stone, the stone will sink, without any turbulence in his heart, or any discouragement or despair in achieving his goals behind every statement that he makes there is a pearl of profound wisdom. As he talks, you think of his noble thought, his deep understanding of the philosophy of education, his unfathomable motivation, and delight in his work. You see yourself as a drop in front of an ocean. How small! When he assures you that he will allocate a place and time for you and your ideas in the school, you grow wings of delight. You know very well that this is the kindness of the maestro and not necessarily your competence. You promise to yourself to do your best to prove your competence for this invaluable collaboration. And may it be so. May it be so.

Roshana Jahangirfam


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