Smile! 😁- Written by Nader Musavi- 4 July 2021

Since last February, we’ve organised online book reading clubs for each class. Luckily, some students liked this idea and participated in the club. They’d read books and share their thoughts in the group chat via video or audio messages. Twice weekly, the club mentor collects the student’s favourite books from the library and takes them to the school and the students come to borrow the new books or give the previous ones back.

Now that we are in the school break, the book reading program is progressing even better and we are trying different ways to engage more students. Yalda Amiri is a second grader and she is one of our clever and book reader students. When I saw her book review video in the group chat a few days ago, my mind was blown and I got even more inspired to continue with more improved book reading programs and bring onboard more teachers so that we can make books not just a leisure time activity, but part of the students’ lives.

These days that most children have been trapped in their homes, good books can become great companions to make these difficult times pass easier.

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