Shaky house, stable school


Shaky house, stable school- Written by Nader Musavi- 6 Jun 2017

Department No 2, Taghavi Alley.
Yesterday, I went to Park for buy moss-rose or the Lucky flower. when I passed by the department no 2 which we had rented as school in 2000. First, I got it wrong with a new building but a little while later I took a second look and I recognized the department no 2. The door was still open like the old days. I asked the bakery next door about what was going on there, and he answered it’s a shoemaking workshop and many Afghans produce shoes there. I stood in front of the door and Mr. Nurozi took a picture. It is still old in spite of the houses next door which are reconstructed. The bakery was a floor under one of the classrooms, and the children, who had been sitting on the floor at the time, had a warm and cozy place in winter, but in summer they used to complain about their hips burning.
The building was so unstable when the students wanted to run for a while, it would start to tremble and tremble, and for a few years when we’ve been there, we were afraid of its collapsing and more than a hundred people’s death, at every day and every moment.
This school had been in our rent since June 2007 and after they got objection on not having an official permit. we had to close it and move elsewhere.
For about a year, I’d slept at night in one of the classrooms of this school, and on Fridays I took a bath in its yard with a few buckets of water. They are memorable days, although it was hard to pass.
In this unstable house, I became a teacher, master and administrator, oh! good old days with your shaky house and the memorable school.


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