Shahnaz the Bookworm

Shahnaz the Bookworm- The school’s library – Written by Nader Musavi-  04/03/2017
Shahnaz is a 7th grader and has come to our school just this year. Shahnaz is a studious girl and also a bookworm! On Monday when the library had opened after several days of holiday, Shahnaz came to the library to return the books she had borrowed and to borrow a new one. I received the books from her and asked her if she read all of them or not? She smiled and said yes. I looked at the books and showed them to her one by one and asked her about their stories and she would tell me all about them thoroughly and carefully. She even told me that she had read some of them twice these days. I congratulated her and gave her some of the chocolate I had on the desk. She only took one, said thanks and dived back into the rows of books to find another for reading. A lot of us wanted to read books these days but didn’t. But Shahnaz had slowly but steadily read five books in the Nowruz holiday. Fortunately, many of the students have found more interest in reading and writing with the help of their teachers which is hopefully the sign of a good future for these children. In hope of a prosperous world with happy and educated children!


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