Principal Interviews

Principal and teacher at Almehdi School since 2001

Founder of Esteghlal self-governing school

Host of the Vatandar TV program for the elite Afghan immigrants

Director of Shahid Esmaeil Balkhi's self-governing school in Varamin, Tehran

Master of communication sciences, Journalism, Principal of Fanus-e Danesh Self Governing School, Founder of Pishghaman private school in Kabul-Afghanistan Living...

Principal of Rah-e-Danesh self governing school in Isfahan Reporter and Journalist

The current Principal of Rashid Khalili Educational Institute in Kabul

Principal of Rasol Akram self-governing school 1974-2015 Graduated from police university in Kabul_Afghanistan

Founder and Principal SayedJalaldin Afghan Self-governing school in HassanAbad-Qom

Director of Fanoos-e-Danesh self-governing school in Tehran

Former chairman of the self-governing schools council in Tehran Editor In Chief of Afghan woman Magazine

Founder and Principal of Ibn-e Sina self-governing School, Qarchak Varamin, Tehran

Principal of Quran and Etrat self-governing School

Principal of the Al-e-Ahmad self governing school established in 1988

Academic collaboration


1-Homa-hoodfar -chapter-refusing the margin-2010

Deterritorialized  Youth, Sahrawi and Afghan Refugees at the Margins of the middle east edited by Dawn Chatty, Berghahn Books New York Oxford

2-Women, Religion and the ‘Afghan Education Movement’ in Iran_proof.2007 

HOMA HOODFAR, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 43, No. 2, 265–293, February 2007

In recent years, the treatment of Afghan women by the Taliban has only reinforced that assumption. However, it happens that certain social transformations have taken place in some Muslim societies, sometimes in unlikely corners, which deserve our close attention. There are lessons that we can draw from them regarding strategies for the further promotion of gender equity and women’s empowerment. This paper reviews the experience of Afghan refugee women whose exposure to different visions of Islam in the Islamic Republic of Iran led them to embrace a different vision of Islam and ‘Muslim-ness’.

self governing schools history

The story of the self-governing schools is not just about me, it is about the tears and smiles of thousands of Afghan refugee children. It is a story about how the Iranian public schools closed their doors to thousands of refugee children and how hundreds of homes became schools for refugee students…