Self-governing” schools without the legal permission of the ministry of Education

Date: January 1st, 2007

“Self-governing” schools without the legal permission of the ministry of Education Gholamreza Karimi, the general manager of the international scientific cooperation office of the Ministry of Education stated: The self-governing schools generally operate in secret, hence, it is not possible to fully recognize them. Karimi, in an interview with Ilna news emphasized: the operation of the self-governing schools is illegal, because it is not clear that the curriculum they follow belongs to which country. He added: if there is a self-governing school in this country, it should be closed. And a significant number of these schools are already closed. While suggesting  that if there is a self-governing school in the country, it is operating secretly, Karimi pointed: We do not have the possibility to search the private premises, but if the existence of a self-governing school is reported to us, the Law Enforcement force will attempt to close the school. According to Karimi, some Afghan citizens who are well educated have started the self-governing schools to create a source of income for themselves. He mentioned: At the time being the Afghan citizens do have the possibility to continue their studies in our schools, and apply for higher education. Karimi added: Some Afghans, out of ignorance, enroll their children in self-governing schools, while they should know that the curricula of these schools are not validated by us. He declared: the Ministry of Interior will act upon the closure of self-governing schools with the cooperation of the police force. The people of Iran can report the operation of these schools to the administration office of the citizens of the Ministry of Interior or to the office of international scientific cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

News source: Ilna- Kariran news

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