Sayyed Reza Mohammadi

Writer, Journalist, Poet and Researcher Former President of The Writers’ Association of Afghanistan Editor-In-Chief Of Simorgh Magazine In London Cambridge University Poetry Judge

Mr. Musavi and his genius team in Farhang School have made big changes for the refugee children who have even been deprived of having a legal identity and lighted their way to a brighter future through the darkness of being a refugee in Iran. It is not just an ordinary school, it’s more like a cultural association. Besides teaching the children, they’ve started publishing a magazine which is like a bridge to their ideal world, allowing the children to write about their dreams and then try to make them come true. Since hopes and dreams are the most valuable asset and the biggest relief for the helpless refugees during the hardships of life in exile. A dreamless person is empty, staggered and alone. So congratulations to Mr. Musavi and his team for being able to lead the students in the way of making their dreams and pursuing the dreams to success.

Mr. Musavi arranges meetings for his students with prominent authors and inspires the children to write down their ideas and then publish their writings. In this way, the first steps to the formation of children’s literature are taken. So his school is like an international association in which all Afghan students are gathered together with hope and love. Afghan and Iranian elites are attached to its atmosphere and students. So those students are like shining diamonds in different parts of the world instead of being some disappointed IDPs.

A large number of them are now well-known writers and artists who attract more members to this association and make it larger every day, A society that gives them the excellent opportunity to practice adoring the humanity and love, and there is no end to it. Mr. Musavi has kept the flame of love and hope, burning in the hearts through teaching, publishing books and magazines, training the teachers, cultural fairs, conferences, etc. He is a true loadstar for all times. I congratulate his candidacy for an international prize to himself, his team and students, and all those friends who have accompanied him in his journey.

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