Red, yellow and brown

Red, yellow and brown- Written by Nader Musavi- 30 Mar 2022

I have not felt well since last night and I came to school a little late. As I opened the door, I was confronted with the commotion of the children who had come to paint. In the yard, the floor was clean and ready to be painted. We played soccer for a little while before painting the yard, and then we painted the floor according to the color scheme. I had a blast so that I forgot my stomachache and we ate falafel for lunch which was ordered by student.

Although it was very yummy, an hour later my stomach hurts again and got me groaning. I do not know what had poisoned me, that I’ve got stomachache since early in the morning. as if I felt that sometimes a multi-stage cracker explodes in my stomach. My mother who saw me groaning, as usual, gave me dried peganum which I swallowed by a glass of warm water, and I felt a little better. From the first day of Nowruz, when the thief came and rubbed everything he could, I was thinking about theft, complaints and police until today, when I saw children’s enthusiasm while painting and we played soccer in the small school yard, I forgot everything and I got refreshed again. I did not write the story of the theft not to bother friends at the beginning of the new year. Although the beginning of the new year was not pleasant but in the following days, good things starts to happen which I will write about in next posts.

F.N: Red, yellow and brown: The name of a very old and beautiful song by Lady Googoosh which is from the girls who are Kerman carpet weavers:

I weave a green knot and weave a blue one

I weave floral bushes in red, yellow and brown…

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