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Reading Holakouee’s– Written by Nader Musavi- 8 February 2018

After a few days off due to air pollution, the teachers’ weekly meeting was finally held yesterday. Listening to Dr. Holakouee’s educational teachings and conversations has been a fundamental, valuable and useful part of these meetings for the past two years and a half. He offers these teachings in a simple yet scientific manner. Ever since I was introduced to Holakouee’s educational methods by one of my dear friends, and I started listening to many of his recordings, especially those about children. These teachings have become one of the main topics taught in teacher training courses and also discussed in the elementary school teachers’ weekly meetings. These training sessions are held both in the form of lectures and conversations with families and teachers who are looking for solutions. I advise all colleagues and friends who work with children, have a child at home or plan to have children in the future, to listen to these teachings and practice them.  In the complex world of today, living wisely and consciously while maintaining peace and happiness requires the sort of education that unfortunately the global education system lacks. These educational teachings can be found easily in audio format on CDs. You can listen to them and educate yourself anywhere at any time to use your time more efficiently.

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