Reading books in quarantine

Reading books in quarantine- Written by Guli Qasemi (former student of Farhang school)- 8 Feb 2021

If there are no children, the school is cold and soulless, it becomes scary and one does not want to stay there even for a moment. After a while, we went to school to film story reading by Ms. Khavari, who is the fifth and sixth grade teacher.
Colleagues write stories every month. From school events and everything that was interesting to them, from the taste of writing the first word by a first grader to problems and shortcomings …
Then everyone reads their stories with their own dialect and language to be filmed.

I thought there was no one in the school today, but as I opened the door, I saw Mrs. Hosseini setting up a table in the middle of the school yard, and the children came one by one, returning the books they had borrowed to borrow another book. The children eagerly flipped through the books so that they could borrow what they liked. One of them insisted on borrowing five books at a time and returning them by next week, and Ms. Hosseini agreed. The spark of joy in Ms. Hosseini’s eyes could be seen because the children are so interested in books and reading.

I am happy that the children are supposed to come to school and get books on a specific day and at a specific time and time when there is no one else in the school except Ms. Hosseini and Ms. Afsane to pass the quarantine and solitude more easily and usefully.

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