Reading aloud workshop

Reading aloud workshop- Written by Nader Musavi- 02-21-19

Arranging the books, painting the library and putting everything in order, the last steps of making the library ready. We attend to teach reading skills to teachers with the association of the “Reading with me” group, under the supervision of Miss Marjan Rahimfard.
Miss Rahimfard is capable, persevered, and experienced teacher of the group Reading with me and a member of children book association.
The goal of this one day workshop which will be lasted until the afternoon is to trained preliminary school teachers how to read books based on the latest reading methods. Teachers then will be able to apply those methods in the classroom and students would benefit from it.
Making students motivated to read books requires knowledge and expertise which teachers of every school should learn them.
The group “Reading with me” is a member of the children book association and is the most specialized and up-to-date educational institute
Thanks to Miss Yousefpoor, Mr. Gholampoor, and the study of the history of children literature institution and the fellowship of knowledge and kindness association for their undivided assistance.

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