Rozma’s Name writing Celebration

farhang schoolRazma’s Name writing Celebration

11 December 2018

Today¬† I¬† was¬† sitting¬† in¬† the¬† school¬† office¬† for routine¬† class¬† controls¬† that¬† Suddenly¬† the¬† door opened¬† and¬† the¬† little¬† lady¬† Razma¬† walked¬† in¬† wearing¬† a¬† nice¬† hat¬† &¬† the¬† Chocolate¬† tray in¬† her hands. I¬† asked¬† about¬† chocolates,¬† she¬† said¬† that¬† it¬† is¬† because¬† of¬† her name!¬† “Today I¬† made¬† it¬† to¬† write down my name on the blackboard” she explained. I¬† took¬† her hand¬† “Can¬† you spell your name¬† for me¬† Razma?” I¬† asked. She¬† said¬† “yes!” & began spelling¬† her¬† name¬† With¬† passion¬† while¬† counting¬† with¬† her tiny fingers. At¬† the¬† beginning¬† of the¬† day I¬† was¬† refreshed¬† by listening¬† to¬† Razma¬† spelling¬† her name¬† with passion¬† &¬† looking¬† at¬† her shining¬† eyes¬† &¬† beautiful¬† smiles. Razma¬† & her brother Mostafa¬† are¬† both¬† the¬† first¬† grade¬† students¬† now. At¬† the¬† beginning¬† their parents¬† were¬† going¬† to¬† just bring¬† Mostafa¬† to¬† school,¬† not¬† both¬† of them.¬† When¬† I¬† found¬† it¬† out that¬† it¬† is¬† because¬† of¬† Financial¬† hardships,¬† I¬† urged¬† their¬† parents¬† to¬† send¬† them¬† both¬† to¬† school without¬† considering¬† any¬† extra¬† expenses.¬† Fortunately¬† in¬† the¬† beginning¬† of¬† this¬† school¬† year with¬† the¬† help¬† of my compassionate¬† friends¬† we¬† detected¬† the¬† Students¬† who¬† were¬† deprived¬† of education¬† and¬† now¬† they’re¬† all¬† back¬† to¬† school¬† . Beautiful¬† smiles¬† of¬† Razma¬† &¬† all¬† our happy students¬† offered¬† to¬† those¬† who¬† stood¬† beside¬† our students,¬† planting¬† the¬† seed¬† of¬† love,¬† friendship,¬† Knowledge¬† &¬† Wisdom¬† in¬† their hearts.

 PS:  The  third  memoire  since  Razma  has  come  to  our school.


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