Ramin- Written by Nader Musavi, 4 November 2012

I was going to school early in the morning when I saw that Ramin was acting weird and did not want to go to school. I talked to him a little but he did not listen. Because my small camera was with me, I took a picture of him and told his father to wait and I went to his class…

I went to his class and asked: “Who is Ramin’s friend?” Some of them answered: “we are.” So I told them that Ramin does not like to come to school today. Go and talk to him to come. All of them went to him and I don’t know what they told him but then I saw Ramin is coming to attend his class with a smile on his face. I also took a photo of Ramin and his friends during break time. He laughed when I showed him his previous photo.

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