The foot steps of Mehr (month of school are in the air)



The foot steps of Mehr (month of school are in the air)- Written by Nader Musavi- 31 August 2020

At 7am on an August morning I saw that I had had several calls from an unknown number. I rang the number. A voice on the other end said “I am Hosseini and I want to bring my children to register at the school”. He was from another city and said “we came here last night and we have just arrived at Imam Hossein Square”. He said “I want to go to the identity card office to get approval for my children”. I gave him two addresses for identity card offices, and the school address. It was around 10am when they arrived at school; two masked, well-dressed and polite twin boys and one sweet and pretty girl. I chatted with the father in the presence of his kids. The boys had to start third grade, and the girl, Asna, first grade. I offered the kids candy and introduced them to the registrar. I asked if we could take a picture together. They accepted enthusiastically.

I showed them the Farhang School pose, which kids in this school learn, and asked them to practice it at home. When the kids were doing the pose, their father was standing straight and motionless. I asked him to join in and do the pose along with his kids. With a surprised look he smiled and joined in. At the end I showed them their pictures and I guess the father was much happier than his kids. I welcomed the kids to school and introduced myself as the school’s principal.

I told them they were the first group of students registered for the new school year. I wished for things to get better for them, so that next year instead of coming to my school from the other end of Iran they can go to school near their home. We said farewell to each other and I left deep in thought as to how we could get books and school materials for this year! I was thinking about the time that the landlord asked us to move out of the property! About being in a time of COVID and online teaching, and how will we teach these kids who even do not have a smartphone! All these questions were twirling around in my mind and I hope there will be solutions to all of them.


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