Primary school students grade one

Primary school students grade one – Written by Nader Musavi- Winter 2007 

2007-8 was the hardest year in my whole career life because of the many occasions we had to close the school and the problems we faced with drug addicts sons of the owner of the school building, whose names were Gholam ( I would call him Shah-Gholam) and Reza who was a pigeon breeder.  They would steal from the school all the time or every morning we had to drag Shah-Gholam from the classrooms out so students can go in and start the day. They stole all the presents we had bought for the best students once. One day when I had a huge argument with Shah-Gholam, he was leaving the school and saying  a lot of nasty things in front of the students and their families. He even said: ” I know you are spying for the Americans. I will report you to the authorities”.


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